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Do you know you can easily convert DOC/DOCx (Microsoft Word), XLS/XLSx (Microsoft Excel) and PPT/PPTx (Microsoft Power Point) Format Files to PDF Format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) instantly using a Facebook Application (App)
PDF Creator Facebook App allows you to convert any DOC/DOCx, XLS/XLSx and PPT/PPTx Format Files to PDF Format almost instantly. Similarly, PDF Convertor (PDF to Word) Facebook App allows you to instantly convert PDF Format Files to Word (.DOC) Format.
The conversion results are good and the best thing about these converters is: You don’t need to leave your favorite Social Networking Site, Facebook, for carrying out file conversion processes.
Pretty Useful Facebook Applications (Apps) by InvestinTech [Facebook]
  • You need to Authorize these Facebook Applications (Apps) first, in order to use them
  • These Apps don’t work in HTTPS, you need to Turn off Secure browsing when prompted by Facebook

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