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Photos are a part of our memories and Facebook being the biggest social network, most of you would prefer saving your memories in your Facebook Account as Albums and Videos. Photos might be of any specific event like your birthday, a trip with your family or something else. It would be much better if you could make a video of those pics. Perhaps you might use Windows Movie Maker or any other application but Masher App on Facebook allows you to create a video of your Facebook photos and videos online. It is really simple and easy to use. Here is how to create videos of your Facebook photos:

Go to Masher App on Facebook and let it access your photos and videos. You will now see a page similar to the pic below where you can add media to your video.

It creates a video in three steps.
  1. In the first step, you need to add photos, videos and audio to your video. There a few sample videos and music tracks available in Masher Media. You can also upload your own tracks, photos and videos.
  2. Next, you can add Text to photos (if needed) and effects. A few sample effects are available to choose from.
  3. The last step gives you the options to share or embed your video.
 Thats it Enjoy your video.

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