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Recently Face book added subscribe button  where you can here from people you are interested , just like what you do in Twitter.Face book has adopted some features from twitter(subscribe=follow) and google+(smart lists=circles).You can subscribe to any Face book profile where you can hear his/her updates.But you can hear updates, only things shared in Public mode.Even you can customize your updates in private mode and Public mode.This solves privacy problems as well.

By adding this button,your Visitors can receive your updates without be your friend in Face book and comment on it.
Time To Add Subscribe Button To Your Face book Profile

subscribe page
  1. Just Click Here and Click on 'Subscribe Button' .
  2. Now settings box would be pop up.Just do like what i do in this picture.
  3. Click on OK button and Refresh your Face book Profile.
 You can customize subscription button

customizing subscription options
  1. Go to your Face book Profile  Page and Click on 'Subscriptions' in Left Sidebar 
  2. Now you can see the people that you subscribed.Click on 'Subscribed' Button to Customize the Updates and Unsubscribe him.
You can view the Subscriptions and subscribes made by people that you subscribed,For example you can view the subscriber ad subscription made by Mark zukerberg by clicking on respective button on his profile. 

 You can subscribe to my public Face Book updates www.facebook.com/khalilbasha.g

You can download this PDF, courtesy the Face book Public Figures page, to learn more about the new Subscribe option and how it differs from a regular Face book page. 
On a related note, Face book is using the standard RSS icon with the new Subscribe feature which is confusing because, technically, these aren’t really RSS feeds – you can’t get them in, say, Google Reader.

Why face book Recommends subscription button:
                    There is a lot more similarity between face books subscribe button and twitter but with one key difference ie if you follow someone on Twitter, you get to see all their shares whereas if you subscribe to someone on Face book, you only see stuff that they have specifically made 'public.'

                  Today, Facebook has added a new feature where they recommend you other public Facebook profiles to subscribe to and these recommendations are probably based on your existing subscriptions. Twitter too has a similar recommendation engine which offers suggestions based on who you are currently following.

The reason behind that twitter has to be worried because twitter just touched 100 million users while Facebook has a 750+ million user base and people spend more time on Facebook than any other site on the web. Twitter only recently added support for multimedia while Facebook does a far better job at rendering shared content with rich snippets and inline previews.
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  1. Subscribe button is really cool. Facebook now also allows adding the facebook subscribe button on websites or blogs as well.


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