11:20:00 PM
Today  when I opened gmail then I saw message at bottom as “coming soon:A new sign-in page! Preview it learn more”, like this :
This design is just the design which is used by Google+. I just love the new look as I always love the changes.
If you select the new interface then sign-in pages of all the google products and services will also change. However you can get back to the older version of the sign-in pages by clicking the link at the bottom of the new sign-in page. But after a period this change will be permanent and you cannot be able to get back the old sign in page.
On the new sign-in page, the input boxes are bigger. It can show 31 characters in the username field whereas the old sign in page displays only 20 characters in the username field.
I have noticed this new page on my PC but I have not noticed this page on my friend’s PC, so if you don’t notice this notification then don’t get worried, It will be available to all soon because this is in testing phase now.

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