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Share Google plus post with Facebook friends(Limited to 50 Chars only)


Facebook allows mobile users to upload their Facebook status, photos etc. via a secret email address. Though this feature was included in Facebook for the sake of their mobile users, you can use that secret email id to send your Google post as a status update to Facebook. Here is the steps to go.
1. Browse Facebook mobile page (Open this in opera if u haveit on your system) and log-in with your Facebook account credentials. You can see your unique email address at the bottom of the page. This email id can be used to upload any status update or photo without opening the Facebook. Simply grab it.
2. Now, go to your Google plus profile, write something that you want to share at the Google plus stream, add that secret email address along with the Google plus Circles* at the visibility box and press the Share button.
If you don’t add any Circle in the visibility box, the post will remain invisible for your Google plus friends. So, make sure to select the visibility as public or add the circle(s) before sharing the post.
3. You are done!! Your post will be shared with both your Google plus and Facebook friends.
4. However, you can add the secret Facebook email address in a new circle in your Google plus profile. This will help you to handle the email address easily- you won’t have to remember it each time you share a post.
5. For convenience of use, you can give the circle name as GoogleFace (say) and add that circle when sharing any post from the Google plus stream.

If you add any email address that is not related with any Google plus profile, the post updates are emailed to that email address. Hence, when you share any post from your Google plus profile mentioning the visibility for that secret Facebook email address, it will send the post as email to that address and will be published in Facebook as your status update.
It takes some time to be published in Facebook because Facebook goes for an authentication process before accepting the content from an email address.
Remember that the Facebook email uploading system does not accept more than 50 characters. So any thing larger than it will automatically rejected by the uploading system.
This works in both desktop and mobile. Just open your Google profile in mobile, add the Facebook + Google circle as well as the other circle(s) and press Share button. Your post will be shared in both Google plus and Facebook profile shortly.

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