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Google rolled out its own social networking site called Google+ few days back. Google Plus is aimed to compete with Facebook. If you’re a Facebook fan, then you won’t be surprised to see similar interface and features in Google+. You can share your photos, videos, posts, links, interests along with video conferencing feature. Google is one step ahead of Facebook by providing video and voice chat feature into Google Plus social network.
Google+ is superior to Facebook in many ways. However, it is available via invitation only (there is a glitch that allows you to invite your friends without email invitation). If you’re looking to add your Facebook friends to Google+, then there are multiple ways to do so. It is obvious that you may not be able to find all your Facebook friends on Google. Here is a simple way to achieve this automatically.

Add Your Facebook Friends to Google+

Facebook Friend Exporter:

Facebook Friend Exporter is a nifty chrome extension that lets you export the Facebook contacts to Google contacts or CSV format. This extension is available at here. This is one of the most easiest method to export your Facebook friends to Google. However, this chrome extension is painfully slow. It took almost 1o mins to export 95 friends. It is not recommended to use this extension if you’ve a large number of followers. It will create a new folder called “Imported from Facebook” in Gmail. You can also download it in CSV format.


Alternatively, you can use Yahoo! as a mediator to import contacts to Yahoo! and then Google+. Google provides an option to use Yahoo! and Hotmail contacts and import them to Google+. Just go to circle and use Yahoo! mail option to import add all Facebook friends you imported to Yahoo! to Google Plus.
You can drag and drop your friend on any circle on Google plus after importing the contacts from Yahoo!
Have you tried any of the method above? Let us know if you’re having trouble in adding your Facebook friends to Google+…

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