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Google+ has been rolled out to few people via invitation only. Google Plus has a very similar interface like Facebook (after all it is designed to compete with Facebook). However, Google+ is one step ahead with the Facebook by providing a very simple and neat UI. Few of the noticeable difference are the notification, circles, simple UI etc.

Make Google+ look like Facebook with Chrome Extension

If you’re a hardcore fan of Facebook and like to enjoy the similar blue interface like Facebook, then you can try Facebook+ chrome extension. Facebook+ chrome extension offers a similar U .I like Facebook. It changes the few basic elements of the Google+ interface. It is a neat CSS trick that gives you similar experience like Facebook.

Few of the changes brought by this extension is change of logo to white one, comments background color, blue navigation menu, What’s on your mind instead of Share what’s new, News Feed instead of Stream etc.
 Facebook+ Chrome Extension
You can download and install Facebook+ chrome extension from here. After installing refresh your Google+ page and it will resemble like Facebook.

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