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Google has officially confirmed and announced in their Google India blog about the start of Google Street View project in India. For all those, who don’t know what a Google street view project is – let me clarify – it is Google map feature which shows literally 360 degrees panoramic view of the region. Users can even zoom in and out into the minute details of the place and its surroundings. One can easily take a complete virtual tour of the place just sitting on his computer or from  mobile. This service was launched by Google in 2007 in US and till date around 100 cities in 27 countries have already been covered and one can easily have a look at their street views which has been uploaded at www.google.co.in/streetview. You will be able to see the street view of Indian cities as well soon within next few weeks.

As per Google, they are starting off the street view project in India from IT hub Bangalore. First starting point will be Nrityagram Dance Village in Bangalore and soon you will be able to find this uploaded on street view portal. Following is what Vinay Goel, Product Head, Google India had to say on this;
“We are launching the Street View project from Bangalore as it is the IT capital of India where IT-savvy users will be able to leverage the benefits of the facility optimally,”

Capturing of street view is done by using street view cars and Google Trikes mounted with very high resolution cameras, laser, computer etc. Trikes is a three wheel pedi-cab mounted with cameras. Trikes are used to get into narrow places where cars are not able to go. See the vehicles in the image.
Google Street view can be very useful tool for law agencies, development planners also apart from travelers or people hunting for houses, restaurants or any thing else. To maintain the privacy, all the faces, numbers plates of vehicles, house or office addresses will be blurred out. Any other aspects needing privacy and secrecy can also be blurred on request.
Do check out how a street view looks at www.google.co.in/streetview.

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