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This is the era of the information technology. This is the era where online threats get more severe. This is the era which we need more security! Today, there are lots of software ready to protect us against these threats and block our bad dreams! But, since we have a lot of choices, what is the best choice? If you are one of our regular readers, you might already know whats the best free anti malware system… But, who is the real king in this field?

 BitDefender was one of the top virus busters in the world. They did a really great job in the past few years. If I can remember correctly, BitDefender and Kaspersky were the top names in the recent years. According to the recent AV tests, BitDefender came to the top of the list this year with the highest marks! So, today we are going to have a look at this top malware buster and see what it have to offer.


Earlier (Two Years ago), when I first heard BitDefender, I tried to install it but it’s too heavy and took a lot of system resources. Not only that, the program was really unstable. Common system cleaners and tune-up software can take down BitDefender. But now, it have learnt from its mistakes. The latest BitDefender 2011 is very stable and also very light on our resources. (Lighter than most of the other competitors)
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Not only that, the BitDefender team have also made a good effort to make the software suitable to all the kinds of users. If you are a beginner, you will get a very simple interface which will guide you through every command and you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the interface. If you have some knowledge in computing, you can go for intermediate user interface which will be a bit advanced. BitDefender have also created a separate interface for experts which will give you full control over the whole software!
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When you are talking about the protection, BitDefender can protect you from most of the threats in the world. They are one of the first products which started to use WOT like features to scan your search results for phishing or other kinds of dangerous sites. BitDefender also have a lot of tools to protect your privacy while you are surfing the web.
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Another important tool in BitDefender is the Home network manager. You can add all the machines in your network and manage them from one single place! Very useful for network administrators! Also their firewall is doing a really great job by protecting you from most of the network attacks aimed at your machine.
This is not all. BitDefender have more cool features packed inside their software. The BitDefender Internet Security is like a complete set of tools which can protect you from most of the security threats in the world. If you want to learn  about them, the best way is to try it yourself! Normally, BitDefender will give you a free 30 day trial to test the software. But today, we are giving a 90 day free trial!

Now, how to get this 90 day free trial?

Its easy, just answer this small quiz and you’ll get the link to download BitDefender Internet Security : BitDefender Quiz
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