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Many times you need to send a fax or receive them for your business work or personal purposes. If you have a PC, then no need to have a separate fax machine. You can use your email ID to send your fax or receive them as well.
In case you are using a dial-up connection, then use that to send and receive the fax.
E-mail is the best way to send and receive the fax as it is very common and easy to use. Since now people are not going for dial-up connection, that option is very rare. You can use any of the following platform to send and receive the fax on Internet through e-mail.

Here I am giving some service lists that sends fax over email...

Ultimate platform for sending and receiving the fax through Internet. You need to pay very minimal charge for each fax and in return you get a local number. It doesn’t require any additional software to install on your machine, it runs in conjunction with your existing email program say outlook.
This is also a platform to send and receive fax on Internet. Very simple to use and very much inexpensive. You can use this platform for free for 30 days trial.
Fax through Internet was not so much easy before. You can use these platform to enhance your business without investing in another machine.
Fax through Dial-up modems
There are lot many software to use for PC to Fax through dial-up modems. Refer to link Softwares for PC-Fax thru dial-up” to get the feel of them.

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