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If you’ve recently appeared in an exam and don’t know the exact date of publication of the results, you might be regularly checking the website of the the exam authority in order to get information. It is quite tedious job and you may miss it if you forget to visit the website regularly.
In such a case, you can try Google alerts for your exact search terms to get the notifications instantly, whenever any text containing your search terms is published at the web.
For instance, suppose you have appeared in IES exam and don’t know the exact date of publication of the result. It is better to set an alert for the term IES rather than you visit the IES website regularly to check whether they have announced any information regarding the results.
Here is how to get instant notification for any terms in the web using Google alerts.

 Setup your  Google Alert

The Google alerts is Google service and you can use it through your Gmail account. To use Google alertsAlerts from the “more” link at the Google home page. visit the link or simply select

At the setup page,
1. Put your search terms (as for example IES) in the “Search terms” field.
2. You can select the type of results that you want to get notification. You can choose the blog, news and more types of results or simply select “Everything” to get all type of results against your selected terms.
3. You can set how often the notification will reach to you. It can be set as Once a day, once a week or as it happens.
4. Decide whether to get only the best results or all the results appear in the internet.
5. Finally, put the email address at where the notification messages will be sent.
Once you set all the requirements according to your need, click on the Create Alert button.

How to disable existing Google alerts

However, if you want to stop the notification messages for any existing search terms, you can disable the alert anytime. You can do this by opening the notification message in your email inbox and then click on the “Remove this alert” link from the bottom of the message body.
Or, Go to the Google alerts page as you did before and click on the “click here to manage your alerts” link. This will show all the alerts that you created with your current Gmail account. Select the appropriate check boxes and click on the delete button to get rid from the notification messages related to those terms.
If you know any other way(s) to get instant alert for any term(s) in the web, do share with us at the comment section.

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