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If you follow the instructions, you would learn several tricks to open Facebook when blocked in your school or office. But some time situation does not allow you to access Facebook though it is not blocked.

Suppose, you work in an office and your boss is sitting beside you. Anyone would hesitate to open www.facebook.com in front of their office boss at the working hours. Believe me!! You can still take a quick view on your Facebook account at a glance just sitting in front of your office boss.
Many organizations allow Gmail in their office for the shake of correspondence of official activities. Using this facility, you can enjoy the Facebook within from your Gmail account at your office desk. What you have to do at the starting is enabling a lab feature called as “Add any gadget by URL” in your Gmail account. Then add the URL of the Facebook gadget. Here is the detailed workaround.

How to add Facebook Gadget in Gmail

Open your Gmail account and click on the Settings button from the right-top corner of your account page.
Now head to the Labs tab and enable the feature “Add any gadget by URL”.

Then save the change that you made by clicking the “Save changes” button.
Again, return to the Settings page and you will find that a new tab called as “Gadgets” has appeared.

Click on it and put the following URL at the Add a gadget by its URL: field.

Finally, click on the Add button. You are done! A Facebook gadget will appear at the bottom-left side of your account page. You can view your Facebook profile by clicking on the“Expand” link.
When you login to your Facebook account first time in this gadget, it will ask for granting the access permission of your Facebook account data. Simply click on the Allow button.
You can also add the gadget at your iGoogle page by clicking on the +Google button.
Henceforth, open your Gmaill account or iGoogle page to access Facebook within from there.
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