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Recently, Facebook rolled out an update to their site that automatically identifies you based on the already tagged pictures in your profile to automatically tag you in photos that are added in the future. While this sounds like one step less when uploading huge chunks of photos, there is certainly risk involved.
  • Your photos are automatically tagged – what if they are public and everyone gets to know that it’s you.
  • If this feature we’re talking about is really good, then it can be helpful in identifying you when you don’t want to be.
  • Anyone can identify you and find out what you are sharing online by taking just a picture of you or getting one online (which isn’t really difficult).
The three reasons above point to just one thing. You have no more privacy.
To disable this feature, here’s what you have to do.

Firstly go to Account > Account Settings > Privacy > Customize Settings (manage) > Under ‘Things Others Share’ disable "Suggest photos of me to friends." 

  • Now, go here and click on ‘contact us’.
  • You should now see a messaging pop-up where the body is already filled. Simply click on ‘Okay’.
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After following the steps mentioned above, the feature should stop working for your account within a short period of time. You should receive a notification an email once Facebook Photos team checks out your request to remove the tagging features.
What I really feel bad about this is the fact that Facebook hasn’t even explicitly informed its users about this significant change. Not everyone reads the Facebook blog, you know.

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