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Facebook added Ajax based Theater Effect on photos to show them (photo viewer) in a new style. The style is similar to the Flickr slideshow but there are many people who still wants to browse photos in old style on Facebook. If you are one of them, then here are few ways to disable Facebook photo Theater Effect or Viewer.
Facebook Photo with Theater Effect i.e. on Theater Viewer

How to disable Face book Photos Theater Viewer

1. Remove &theater from URL – Once you click on a photo on Face book, a new page will open where you can see &theater in the URL i.e. web address. Just remove that part from the URL and hit enter. You can now see the old Face book photo viewer.
2. Hit F5 to Refresh the Face book page – Very simple technique. Once the photo is opened in theater viewer, hit F5 on your keyboard. The page will load and will open the photo in old viewer.
3. Use Firefox User script – Mozilla Firefox users are having benefits of add-ons. Install Greasemonkey add-on on the browser and then install this Userscript. You will not see the new theater viewer while opening photos / pictures on Face book.
4. Google Chrome Extension – Google Chrome browser extension installation is very easy task. Install this extension on your Chrome browser to disable theater effect or viewer.
5. Another Chrome Extension – Chrome is having one more extension for this purpose. In case the above extension is not working, you can try this one.
First 2 tips will work on any browser as they are not browser dependent that means you can disable the theater effect on Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc. as well. Rest 3 are for Firefox and Google Chrome users.
If you are using any other technique to disable the effect or this new viewer on Face book for pictures, then share that through comments.


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