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Yes!! It is possible to replace your Facebook profile image with a video. Whenever a friend visits your profile, he will watch the video along with the playback sound. The video will run continuously till he stays on your profile page. Isn’t it great. Get ready to tell your friends that you are bit advanced with Facebook than them.
There is a Facebook application that do every thing to replace your Facebook profile image is a video.

Replacing The Facebook profile image with video

1. Go the the FlipYourProfile application page being logged in to your Facebook account.
2. Before connecting that Facebook app to your profile, to You need to install the Flip Video browser plugin which is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.
3. Connect your profile with that app and upload the video from your computer that you want to keep as the video of your profile. It also allows you to record a video for your profile. If you wish that, simply choose “Record from webcam”option and record a short video clip with your webcam and the background audio as well.
But, only the people who have the Flip Video browser plugin installed in their browser, will be able to see your profile video. Otherwise they will see the traditional Facebook profile image.
It is quite a tricky business from the company as they can imagine well that if you take time as well as the patience of recording or uploading a video for your Facebook profile, you will also pursue your friends to install the plugin too prove your uniqueness than others in Facebook.
Whenever any of your buddies view your profile, the video loop will be repeated infinitely till they satay there, but the background audio will be played once until the video loop completes the first period. After that the audio will be muted and the the video will still on its way. Though you can toggle the audio again.
No doubt that this make you smarter that your Facebook buddies who have not this in knowledge and overall you can represent yourself quite uniquely through your profile video.

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